Hugo is a new  way to travel New Zealand. Perfect for the backpacker-on-a-budget or any independent traveller, Hugo campervans are older, higher-mileage vehicles. Hugo rental cars are also a bit older, but with better mileage.

So whether you choose a Hugo campervan or a Hugo car, you know you’re getting a great deal …Because Hugo is cheap. Real cheap!

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Hugo says:

  • Choose Hugo and save heaps of money.
  • Travel with confidence knowing Hugo campervans and cars are well maintained and you have 24 hour roadside assistance if you need it.
  • Drivers with a full license aged 18 years or over are most welcome. 
    To hire and drive a Hugo Campervan or Car…
    • You need to be at least 18 years of age.
    • We DO NOT accept provisional or learner licenses (or licenses which have been suspended anywhere, for any reason).
    • We DO ACCEPT valid English language driver’s licenses. An English language licence basically means a licence issued in the following countries: UK/Ireland, USA, Australia, NZ and some parts of Canada.
    • If your drivers licence is not from one of these countries, you will need TWO items in order to drive in New Zealand :

    (1)  Your local license AND… 

    (2)  Either an International Licence OR a certified English translation of your home licence. We recommend Transnational for NZ certified translations. Contact them on and they will arrange to get your license translated and sent back to you via email for a pretty reasonable fee. They even offer an urgent service which will get this sorted for you within a couple of hours (although it’s cheaper if it’s not urgent, so it’s probably a good idea to get this sorted before you arrive).

    • Remember, unless your license is fully in English language, you will need to provide BOTH your local drivers license AND an International licence/or a certified English translation.

    This is not ‘over the top’ admin. on our part. It is the law and is required by the NZTA, NZ Police and by our own insurance company.
    We do also expect a level of driving competency with our hirers. You should be an experienced driver, able to drive both automatic and manual transmission (unless you have specifically requested and paid for our transmission guarantee). You should know how to change a tyre, how and when to top up water and oil and most importantly….how to Drive Safe. Click here for more about Drive Safe.

    Remember, Hugo Campers doesn’t charge any extra for additional drivers.>

    More info here.
  • Hugo includes basic insurance, or you can upgrade your insurance for total ‘stress free’ coverage…or not. Your call. Check out insurance options here.
  • Hugo is located in central Auckland and central Christchurch (and yes, one way hires are fine).  Click here for maps.
  • Save money on transport and spend it on memories and experiences. Simple really.


Hugo is New Zealand’s newest ‘older vehicle’ operator so you get


‘We can highly recommend Hugo Campervans. We even prolonged our trip, no problem with that. And the campervan was such a bargain compared to other companies’.

Anna R.

‘We would highly recommend Hugo to all backpackers with a limited budget. We had absolutely no problems during the nearly 7000km we have driven for 6 weeks.’

Heni & Chris

‘Our car was newer than we expected. Good service and good price’.

Nick and Leanne